Steroid-responsive Meningitis-Arteriitis

Boxer Genetics.

Boxer-Genetics is an association that stands for the latest findings in genetics in breeding. It is not about pedigrees and the resulting inbreeding factor, but about the genetic material that each boxer carries individually.
We, Heike Fahrenschon from Vöhringen (DE) and Dr. Sissi Fuchs-Rothenpieler from Klagenfurt (AT) have been breeders for many years and have founded this association for the future of modern Boxer breeding. Our work is of course free of charge, because the future welfare of this wonderful breed is very close to our hearts.
In order to be able to keep the breed at the health level it is now, every Boxer breeder should familiarise himself with these findings and take advantage of the offer of genetic breeding optimisation.
Starting in 2015 we have built up our project.

Development of our online database
We have achieved our big goal - to inform breeders and boxer owners that breeding management with regard to the genetics of our boxers is the most modern and safest way not to drive inbreeding in our breed even higher.
With FERAGEN and Dr. Anja-Maria Geretschläger we have the best laboratory for genetic veterinary diagnostics in the European area at our side.
In this sense, we want to be a link between the breeders and the laboratory. In order for the whole thing to function at the highest genetic level, Dr. Anja-Maria Geretschläger (AT) evaluates the blood samples of the potential breeding dogs in her laboratory FERAGEN in Salzburg.

And so a database with all tested Boxers has been created.
Now we are moving up to the next level of genetic analysis with FERAGEN! We are happy to start a new journey together with Feragen and you. Finally, we can share with you our new vision for diversity in dog breeding. It will be more efficient, clearer, faster, easier and much more exciting than anything you have ever seen before.

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